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About Middle East Blogger

Passionate about ERP, CRM, Marketing and Social CRM Software Systems

By training and work experience, I'm a senior IT professional. I evaluate, implement and support business software systems for company divisions throughout the GCC. I like my work and have enjoyed a rewarding career.

By choice, I'm an advocate of business strategies which closely align with software technology. Perhaps I'm unique, but I actually enjoy evaluating and implementing business process improvements, accounting software systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, lead management systems (LMS), social CRM (SCRM) tools and various productivity applications. I also enjoy change management, as long as the purpose and vision are clear.

I've used several business software applications over the last 22 years. I originally incurred my CRM software learning curve on Siebel Systems - a system that despite a lot of bad press I still admire. Other business software applications I've used include Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. In my current role and for my current company, we Salesforce.com for CRM, Oracle for ERP, Eloqua for marketing and lead management, OpenView for lead intelligence, Cloud9 for pipeline analysis and a few other productivity programs. We also use Cognos for business intelligence (BI). Except for Oracle, all of the systems we currently use are delivered in the software as a service (SaaS) model, or I guess what most software companies now like to call the cloud.

It's my opinion there is a lack of technology information specifically related to the Middle East. I created this Site to share some first hand experiences, collaborate with like minded sales professionals, and learn from the collaboration of others. I'm on a journey, and enjoy meeting other people along the way.

I attend Salesforce.com's DreamForce most years - and enjoy meeting old and new friends at this great annual event.

Good reading, good fortune and good luck.




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